Thousand Miles exists to be a community of destination seekers sharing wisdom and support with one another. The network is as diverse as the world is round. By becoming part of it your core beliefs will be challenged, encouraged and strengthened.

You’ll discover your talents through Gallup’s world-renowned StrengthsFinder, find qualified and dynamic motivational speakers, see differently through our life coaching, and last be given marketing tools to create wealth; a world of treasures you’ve never considered.


"Clarity revealed. Each of my sessions with my life coach at Thousand Miles Consulting has provided me a wonderful opportunity to learn to know myself more clearly. My life coaches’ ability to listen to me and then to offer dynamic tips as I seek to create my dream life is unmatched! My girlfriend and I also benefited tremendously meeting with them together and receiving their wisdom! I walk away from each interaction with my life coach empowered to be my amazing self and to shine my unique Light in this world each day!

− Aaron Lahman

"Having the consulting session with Scott gave me the tools to live my life to the fullest. I am so thankful that Scott has helped me. Before I sat down with him, I thought some of the gifts that I had were deficiencies b/c some of them, felt like they held me back from living a “normal American life”. Now I have an understanding of how I can use my own gifts and talents to accomplish anything I want to. I now know it’s okay to live life the way that I truly want to.

− Sara Leoni

"Thousand Miles Consulting has worked one-on-one with teachers and administrators helping them identify their strengths and maximizing those to work more efficiently and effectively.

− Shona Miranda
Mountain Ridge High School
Deer Valley School District